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Originating from and based in Moscow, The Grishko® Company is a world famous leader in dancewear, shoes and accessories used in dance, yoga and fitness. They are known and loved worldwide for more than 30 years.

Each Grishko Pointe Shoe is created with the same passion and performance expressed by dancers every day. At Grishko, expert cobblers work tirelessly to create perfection, by hand, using only natural materials. Grishko Pointe Shoes are handcrafted for excellence and designed for the safety and health of dancers.


Grishko’s attention to detail includes balancing each shoe by hand; using cotton drawstrings to protect against tendonitis over-tightened elastic can cause; using glues that help the toe box mould beautifully to the foot; maintaining shank mobility at the heel without sacrificing support; designing both platforms and soles to be flat and stable for excellent balance on and off pointe; and selecting only the finest satin for a beautiful appearance.

Ballarina in Grishko tutu
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