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A story of Passion


Meet Penny

Penelope has a long affiliation with the ballet world. She danced professionally and since retiring has taught ballet for schools in both Queensland and Sydney. She is also an examiner for The British Ballet Organization.

After retiring from dancing herself, Penelope fell in love with yoga and has been a qualified yoga instructor for the past 10 years, teaching predominantly to full time ballet students.

Five years ago she opened the doors of A.K.A Dancewear.

AKA Dancewear reflects Penny's passion for dance and commitment to the highest standards of products and professional services.

Penelope combines her knowledge of the demands of classical ballet on the body, and her ongoing study of yoga with emphasis placed on alignment. She strongly believes that correct alignment is paramount in order to prevent and help repair injury.

She has a passion for safe dance practice and with helping young dancers achieve their potential safely.

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